Block Puzzle Sudoku Apk Download [Latest Version]

Block Puzzle Sudoku Apk Download [Latest Version]

Apk NameBlock Puzzle Sudoku Apk Download [Latest Version]
Size52.07 MB
DeveloperBlock Puzzle Sudoku
Requires Android5.5 and up

What is Block Puzzle Sudoku Apk Download [Latest Version]

Block Sudoku mixes a sudoku grid with a game involving wooden blocks. It’s a soothing yet clever block puzzle that will quickly have you hooked!

To eliminate blocks of cubes, create lines or 3×3 squares. To test your IQ, keep the board blank and battle against the algorithm! Play for as long as you can to beat your previous best!

How to play the wooden block puzzle game Block Sudoku:
To get basic points, place the wood cube blocks onto the wood grid.
To clear the board and get more points, build a row, a column, or squares.
To win a Streak award, remove cube blocks with each move.
For more Combo points, destroy numerous lines or squares.

On the 9×9 wood block sudoku puzzle board, unwind and test your skills. You have the option of having fun breaking the blocks to clear your head or carefully considering each move to add to your combos and streaks.

Holder is a special mechanism featured in the Wood Block Sudoku Puzzle. Right bottom has a holder where an extra block can be stored for use at a later time. To get better scores, try using Holder!
The Rotators. Use priceless objects to rotate blocks for more opportunities than in a traditional Tetris game.
A variety of game modes. Take on hundreds of block puzzles in Jigsaw Puzzle, Puzzle Challenge, and Daily Challenge.
Seasonal occurrence. Participate in seasonal activities to win gems and other incredible prizes.
Block Sudoku is simple to learn and can be played anytime, anyplace.
Difficult to master: Block Sudoku is still challenging to learn, and getting better results requires logic and planning.

Why play this puzzle game using blocks?
To strike a balance between mentally stimulating activities and relaxing pleasures, the Woody Block Sudoku Puzzle was created. For senior wood block puzzle players, the Holder and Rotator’s unique mechanisms increase the chances of combination and streak while lowering the complexity for casual players. Playing a few games of Block Sudoku Puzzle may be calming or mentally stimulating.

Woody Block Sudoku Puzzle is the ideal game for you if you enjoy sudoku, merge games, wood block puzzle games, or tetris games. Whether you want a challenge or are just sick of the everyday trivia, give the Block Sudoku a try—you’ll enjoy it!

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